Tropical additive synthesis

Have you heard about “Tropical additive synthesis“?

It is a new form of sound synthesis that uses tropical algebra. Additive synthesis equations are transformed using tropical addition (⊕) and tropical multiplication (⊗).
We are using :
a⊕b := min{a,b}
a⊗b := a+b

If we consider the sum of two waves : b[n] = a1*cos(ω1n) + a2*cos(ω2n), its tropicalization is simply : trop(b[n]) = a1⊗cos(ω1n) ⊕ a2⊗cos(ω2n) = min{a1 + cos(ω1n),a2 + cos(ω2n)}.

Nozoïd is the first hardware manufacturer to propose this innovative synthesis!

I was not able to document this earlier thanks to a NDA I signed with the developer of the synthesis, but all nozori 84 hardware propose this module!
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