Tropical additive synthesis

Have you heard about “Tropical additive synthesis“?

It is a new form of sound synthesis that uses tropical algebra. Additive synthesis equations are transformed using tropical addition (⊕) and tropical multiplication (⊗).
We are using :
a⊕b := min{a,b}
a⊗b := a+b

If we consider the sum of two waves : b[n] = a1*cos(ω1n) + a2*cos(ω2n), its tropicalization is simply : trop(b[n]) = a1⊗cos(ω1n) ⊕ a2⊗cos(ω2n) = min{a1 + cos(ω1n),a2 + cos(ω2n)}.

Nozoïd is the first hardware manufacturer to propose this innovative synthesis!

I was not able to document this earlier thanks to a NDA I signed with the developer of the synthesis, but all nozori 84 hardware propose this module!
©2018 Cristiano Bocci and Giorgio Sancristoforo

VCV Rack

I’m very happy to announce the availability a software emulation of all Nozori 68 modules to VCVRack. You can now easily test this 23 modules that fit in a simple hardware.
Nozori 84 will also be available soon!

THSF 2019

Pour les Toulousaines et les toulousains, je serais présent au #THSF pour le 10eme Toulouse Hacker Space Factory. Beaucoup de conf, d’atelier et de concert pendant ce WE. Pour ma part, j’animerais un atelier autour des Nozori, et j’en profite pour proposer ces modules en kit a un prix défiant toutes concurrence.