I’m Cyrille Henry, I live and work in south of France.
My first synthesizer was an MS10. Then, I learned electronics in order to build all the others.
I conceived my first analogue synthesizer in 1998 and switch to digital synthesis few years latter.

I worked from 2000 to 2004 at “La kitchen” in Paris as an electronics engineer, developing all kind of custom made solution for dance, theater, musicians and other artists. Since then, I’m a free lance developer, working with electronics, sensors and computers, for real time sounds and images generation.

I have designed the OCS-2 for my own use. I like live, experimental music, hence the lack of a sequencer and the presence of many LFOs with parametric shape, or other complex CV generators.

In 2017, I founded the nozoïd brand to share this work.
The success of this first machine did encourage me to conceive the MMO-3.
They are both mainly handcrafted, all synthesizers are numbered and signed.

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