• 2 eurorack platform
    • 20 modules for each platform
    • 24bit 96KHz ADC/DAC
    • 32bit / 82MHz digital core
    • 12HP
    • Low profile
    • Subtractive synthesis
    • Few atypical fat waveform
    • Parametric LFOs
    • Audio effects processor
    • A powerful digital connection matrix
    • Eurorack compatible
    • FM, AM, PM and WS modulation
    • A joystick control
    • 3 LFOs with complex waveform
    • A powerful digital modulation matrix
    • Stereo line in and out
    • Eurorack compatible

"I used the MMO-3 on two of the tracks of Sort/Lave, best FM synth ever!!" Richard Devine

"I'm blown away by how well you can make this little box sing" Bogdan Raczynski

"Exactly what I was searching for" Jean Michel Jarre