Nozori : how to change a module functionality

Change a module functionality

You only need to change jumpers position to enjoy any of the pre-programmed module. This jumpers are on the back, so you have to remove the module from the rack.
In order to avoid short cut on the nozori electronic board, you should switch off your rack.

The jumpers are located on the top of the module, on the right side when looking the module from it’s back.

Put jumpers in the desired position, as describe in the module documentation.

To remove jumpers, use fingernails or any sharp objects.

that’s it!
You can put the module back in your rack!

Change a module functionalities using the expansion board

The expansion board expose the jumpers from the back to the front. You only need to change the jumpers position according the the module number.

If you own a frontplate, the switch position are marked on it’s top left: